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The ski center Brezovica - the famous tourist center on the northwest side of Sharr Mountain (Štrpce municipality) is a unique recreational-sports center at an altitude of 900 to 2500 meters. It is about 60 km from Pristina and same from Skopje airport, Thessaloniki 303 km, from Sofia (through Nis) about 355 km, Belgrade 400 km. With nature and the natural environment, the Brezovica region reminds us of one of the most famous European tourist centers. Longevity forests, infinite endless valleys are full of mountain flowers, healing plants, rare wildlife animals, relatively high amounts of dense rainwater, rivers and wealth in surface springs and waters. A large number of springs and streams of cold and clean water are the specific features of this area. The lower parts are characterized by a true paradise climate, with pleasant daily warmth and fresh nights. In the higher parts there is a true alpine climate, so that the snow can hold up to 280 days. It is not a rare case that all four seasons can be experienced during the same day, and during July and August, the highest parts of Sharr are snow-covered.

Favorable climatic conditions represent the ideal environment for winter, sport and recreational tourism, so visitors are present at all year around. During the summer, tourists in Brezovica leave close contact with nature through organized walks, recreation, excursions, hunting and fishing and visiting numerous cultural and historical monuments of this area. Throughout the year, the Brezovica tourist center is open for the organization of seminars, symposiums, congresses and scientific meetings. The ski center Brezovica has so far organized two European Alpine skiing championships, nine national championships, each year (up to 1999) in the FIS calendar, a men's race in giant slalom and downhill race called "Inex Ski Cup" was planned and every year on average has been realized more than 103,000 overnights in all facilities of the ski resort Brezovica and an average of 13,000 overnights in other rental facilities, and above all in the" Pensioners' House "- now Hotel Junior in Brezovica.

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Even when it is thought that everything has come to an end, surprisingly the enthusiasm of ski and mountaineers enabled it to start from the beginning. The ski lifts are working, initially with limited capacity and now with all the capacities. Write to us and follow us on social networks. Welcome!

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